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Class suggetion pls
« on: Fri Dec 12 2014, 4:40 PM »
Ok last time I ran alone in ASP can someone help me get in a class to run with others? I have a 94 mazda rx7 stock motor and turbos, stock boost, CAI, downpipe, catback, Power FC fuel computer, sway bars, coil overs and 18 x9 front 18X10 rear. Potenza S04.

Suggestions appreciated

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Re: Class suggetion pls
« Reply #1 on: Sat Dec 13 2014, 4:28 AM »
Is the PowerFC a standalone or a piggyback?

If the stock ECU remains, you haven't deleted any catalytic converters with your downpipe, and your tires are 285 or less - you might be able to run in STU.  Otherwise, you're right where you need to be.

You could also run in our SMST2 class.  I was thinking of taking the ///M to ASP instead of SMST2 where I get clobbered all the time.  My car is severely under-prepped for either of those classes, but I did notice a couple people run in ASP from time to time and thought it might be some healthier competition.

That said, I won't have it out there this month as I've gotta get some issues worked out first.

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